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RANBONE is a Chinese leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vehicle inspection equipment, emission analyzers and vehicle workshop equipment.
We are growing together with the Global automotive industry, automotive equipment industry demands for a continuous change and demand of new and latest technology. RANBONE understands this and our purpose is to provide onto the global market a full range of technologically advanced equipment for vehicle testing, repair and maintenance.

We export to more than 25 countries to a wide range of customers, including vehicle inspection centers, private repair workshops, military, police, technical schools and vehicle makers.
Our organization is team-based and via a high empowerment and education of each employee we are focused on providing a fast and efficient support and service to customers.

RANBONE Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment assesses the geometric angles of wheels, which is essential not only to prevent an uneven wear of tyres, but also for a perfectly straight-line motion and a safe engagement with the steering wheel.

RANBONE’s professional wheel alignment systems can swiftly perform precise complete checks on the toe-in (even at the maximum steering angle), caster and camber of wheels. High-resolution cameras and software with a quick-search function to research the various models facilitate alignment operations and also report whether tyres of different sizes have been mounted, as they could potentially cause issues. Results shown in 3D and an intuitive user interface make it easier to read the diagnosis.

RANBONE’s wheel alignment equipment offers professional quality and precision as well as accurate measurements in real time.

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