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Clean floor two post lift 240C

Column height of 4.75mm thick steel plate, column is not distorted, no deformation, high safety

The use of high-quality fuel tank,fuel tank warranty 3 years,the warranty period of pressure relief oil
free replacement cylinder.

Transmission chain with a single 1214×4shield chain,the international famous brands.

Power unit using pure copper core motor international famous brands.

When the insurance lock is locked,it will be locked automatically when it is ascending.

Between the two columns with a beam connection,with a limit device to ensure safe power.


Two post lift clean floor is relatively advanced vehicle maintenance equipment, mainly used for the following small 4000 kg of various small car rapid repair and maintenance, replacing the old trench repair shortcomings,with an area of small.High efficiency, Is the modern automobile repair industry ideal.

Overall height 3660mm
Lifting capacity 4000KG
Liftingheight 1750mm
Lifting time 45-60s
Power 2.2Kw 220v/380v
Systerm Electric hydraulic
Net.weight 570KG
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240CTwo Post Lift datasheet(cick to download) 2021-10-6


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