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wheel balancer 3700 datasheet

RANBONE 3700 Wheel Balancer: Optimizing Precision and User-Friendly Performance

The RANBONE 3700 Wheel Balancer redefines wheel balancing efficiency for automotive enthusiasts and professionals. Designed to cater to car, light truck, and motorcycle wheels, this balancer offers a streamlined solution for garages aiming to optimize workspace utilization.

Featuring semi-automatic data entry (SAPE), it eliminates the hassle of manual measurements and potential errors. The balancer is equipped with a 19” monitor and an intuitive graphical interface, ensuring ease of use. Adhesive weights discreetly fit behind adjacent spokes of alloy rims, preserving the aesthetics.

The optimization mode tackles challenging wheel imbalances effortlessly, making it suitable for highly unmatched rim and tire combinations. With membrane metal buttons ensuring quick, easy, and durable accuracy, coupled with built-in self-diagnostic software, maintenance is minimized.

Moreover, the machine boasts a textured surface finish for enhanced durability over time. The RANBONE 3700 Wheel Balancer amalgamates precision, user-friendliness, and durability, making it an essential tool for seamless wheel balancing and maintenance tasks.

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