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Introducing the OET 6300: Advanced Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer for Enhanced Tire Performance
2023年 8月 1日

OET takes pride in unveiling the 6300, a heavy-duty wheel balancer that combines cutting-edge features from our renowned Road Force® Elite and ForceMatch® HD balancers. This powerful innovation is engineered to eliminate wheel-related vibrations and significantly extend the lifespan of truck tires.

The 6300 boasts swift cycle times, made possible by a state-of-the-art laser vision system that ensures touchless wheel measurement, automatic dimension, and runout measurement. With eCal Auto-Calibration, manual calibration becomes a thing of the past.

Capable of handling assemblies up to 52” in diameter and 500lb in weight, the 6300 sets new standards in capacity. Its user-friendly touchscreen interface simplifies operation for technicians of all experience levels. Additionally, an optional load roller accurately measures runout, tackling the leading cause of vibration in heavy-duty tire assemblies.

Other key features include Automatic CenteringCheck® and an enhanced wheel lift with a damper for smoother operation.

Discover more about the OET 6300: https://www.skoet.com.cn/wheel-balancer-6300/

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