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What is Wheel Alignment?
2022年 8月 26日

Wheel alignment, also known as car or front-end alignment, is an often overlooked, but critical adjustment performed to insure your vehicle tracks straight and true as you cruise down the road. Poor alignment can cause premature tire wear, suspension failure, unsafe operation, excessive steering wheel play, driver fatigue and more.

The ability of a car, truck, or SUV to operate properly is a balancing act that depends on a combination of power, acceleration, steering and braking. It requires proper alignment specifications and well-maintained suspension components. Tires, steering mechanisms, shock absorbers and springs must work properly with each other for continued reliable service.

Simply put, a vehicle that is out of alignment means that your wheels are pointing in different directions. This in turn causes accelerated and uneven tire wear as well as causing your vehicle to pull to the right or the left. Easily correctible, your local dealership service department, tire retailer or a local automotive service center is ready and able to straighten things out for you.

Keep in mind that precise wheel alignment does not last for the life of your car. The potential exists for even brand-new vehicles to have a chance encounter with a curb or pot hole. These impacts can cause your vehicle to fall out of alignment instantaneously. In most cases, alignment can degrade gradually and almost imperceptibly over time as components start to show wear.

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