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Tyre Charger 3300

24″ large table provide rigid perimeter support of the wheel and clear view of clamp engagement.

Special steel demount head, more wear-resisting.

Penumatic lock.

Upgrade clamping jaws, eliminating damage to wheels due to slippage, Ø80 pneumatic clamping cylinders control all four clamping jaws.

Low profile machine case, more stable and easy operation.

Standard right help arm, easy to assemble flat stiffer tires.


RANBONE’S tire changers feature 24″ outer-wheel clamping standard. The charger accommodates tire diameters up to 40″ and wheel widths up to 15″. This tire changer can handle a wide variety of wheels available today, ranging from OEM to aftermarket. The tilt-tower feature has automatic pneumatic locking of the wheel offset to provide maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels.

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