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Tyre Charger T3000

Tilt back post tyre changer with pneumatically tilted post

Double-acting pneumatic bead breaker cylinder

Mounting head vertically and laterally adjustable in spaced-apart position relative to the rim

Self centering four jaw chuck

Mounting tool with Plastic protection for alloy wheels

Pedal controlled tilt back post and pneumatically locking in working position.


Being a dependable enterprise, we are presenting a comprehensive assortment of RANBONE Tyre Changer. The T-3000 is designed to handle all conventional tires plus when combined with optional pneumatic bead assist device, the machine can be use for mounting and demounting run-flat tires and PAX/CSR systems. It comes with a double-acting bead breaking cylinder and an oversize bead breaker.Alloy rims can be handled particularly gently as the mounting head and clamping jaws are provided with plastic protectors. The pneumatic tilt-back post and ergonomically designed pedals add much to user-friendly operation.

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