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Ultra Thin Scissor Lift 6245C

electric unlocking, safe and reliable.
the hydraulic system uses advanced integrated valve plate and inlet seals.
when the power fails, manual safety can also be lowered.
2 years warranty of oil cylinder, free of pressure and leaking oil during warranty period.
The power unit adopts the famous international brand of Deli pure copper core motor.
The concealed scissors type super thin structure does not need to build a pit and occupies small space.
This product is insured by the insurance company.


Ultra-thin large shear lifter is suitable for high-precision four-wheel positioning and vehicle inspection and maintenance of various grades of small cars. The main hydraulic components of this machine are assembled with international high quality imported parts and adopt double teeth, hydraulic and electrical triple protection. It is safe, reliable and runs smoothly. This machine is made up of three parts: main plate, hydraulic system and electrical system.


Lifting capacity :4000KG
Lift height: 1700mm
Lifting time :less than 60S
Platform length: 4500mm
Platform width: 630mm/2160mm
Motor power : 2.2KW/220V/380V
Hydraulic oil:  14 liter 46#/32# anti-wear hydraulic oil
Gas source pressure: from 6 to 8KG/cm
Whole machine weight: single car 2200KG/ double car 2320KG

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6245C Ultra-Thin Scissor Lift Datasheet(cick to download) 2022-10-16


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