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Wheel Aligner V3D Camera

With a 1.3(5.0) million pixel CMOS sensor, the image is more clear, can support a smaller target disk, greatly reducing the weight of the target disk.

With the Ti Da Vinci (DaVinci) high performance video processing DSP and large capacity high-speed DDR2 cache, the image signal were high-speed processing, directly to complete the target disk identification and spatial location calculation, greatly reduce the CPU load.

The camera is fully intelligent, embedded 3D positioning software module, the direct output of the space coordinates of the wheel. Full support for SDK two development, greatly reduce the difficulty of the four round of positioning software development.

The camera is highly integrated, the main chip using BGA and QFN package, chip pin inside the tube, using the placement machine welding. Improve oxidation resistance, reliability, service life extended 2 times, greatly reduce the after-sales service.


We are a professional manufacturer of 3d wheel aligner, we produce the main parts of wheel aligner, especially the camera assembly, camera board, LED strobe board, Hub board, etc.

Sensor 1/2” 1.3 million CMOS sensor
Distinguishability 1280*1024
Piexl Dimension 5.2*5.2um
Image Output USB 2.0 (B-type)
Image Caching 128M
Voltage Rating 5V, 12V (Exterior power supply)
Edit Control Infrared fill-in light, transmission gain, brightness, ROL, etc
Adapter Lens V3D special lens
Presetting Arithmetic V3D image pre-treatment arithmetic
Technical Support SDK, support VC, CB, VB, DELPHI, LABVIEW, development language, etc
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