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Wheel Balancer 600P

With torque-controlled Power Clamp device instead of quick nut

High-productivity wheel balancer

Touchscreen monitor with graphical user interface GOLD – improved intuitiveness and ergonomics

easyWeight laser light indicator for fast, accurate and pinpoint placement of adhesive weights on the wheel

Semi-automatic input of offset and rim diameter via 2D SAPE and automatic rim width acquisition via Smart Sonar – fast and easy

Semi-automatic pre-selection of balancing mode via easyAlu

Rim lighting to facilitate rim cleaning and speed up data entry and weight positioning

New ergonomic weight tray

Imbalance minimisation and optimisation programs

VPM measurement technique for uncompromised accuracy

QuickBal for reduced measurement time:

Short start-stop cycle time: 4.5 seconds (15″ rim)

Stop-in-Position feature where the operator only has to touch the amount of unbalance on the screen and the wheel is automatically indexed to correction position


The wheel balancer for tyre shops, car dealerships and garages with medium to high tyre service volume: with touchscreen monitor and easyWeight pinpoint indicator light – An accurate, fast and easy solution to position adhesive weights on the wheel.


Download Specifications

ANBONE-600P-datasheet(cick to download)


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