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RANBONE® – Pioneers in Wheel Alignment Technology Wheel Aligner
2023年 7月 31日

With nearly two decades of experience in the automotive industry, RANBONE® stands at the forefront of wheel alignment technology. Our industry-standard wheel alignment machines seamlessly blend modern technology with timeless durability and precision.

Essential Functionality for Optimal Vehicle Performance

At the heart of our machines lies the ability to correct geometric angles on your customers’ suspensions, minimizing uneven tire wear and ensuring smooth rides. Precise wheel alignment is guaranteed through accurate measurements, enabling you and your team to make the necessary adjustments with confidence.

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Generation

As an automotive repair professional, offering a comprehensive service is vital for building a successful business. Our wheel alignment machines allow you to provide an essential service that prevents uneven tire wear, reduces stress on vehicle suspensions, and saves your customers valuable time. This full-service approach not only ensures customer loyalty but also drives referrals and builds a steady revenue stream for your shop.

Meeting the Demands of Modern Vehicles

Today’s modern vehicles incorporate advanced suspension designs and autonomous safety technologies for a stable driving experience. Performing a 4-wheel alignment is crucial to maintain optimal performance and prevent additional wear and tear. RANBONE’s machines are specifically designed to meet this challenge, providing quick and accurate 4-wheel alignment services for your high-volume shop.

Compact Solutions for Limited Space

We understand the importance of shop floor space, which is why our wheel aligners have been meticulously designed to be compact without compromising accuracy. Thanks to cutting-edge 3D imaging technology, RANBONE alignment equipment remains highly precise and mobile. You can easily move the equipment when not in use, optimizing your shop’s floor space.

Increase Revenue with Additional Services

RANBONE’s wheel alignment machines enable you to offer additional services to your customers, increasing profitability. The integrated audit check function allows you to check alignment on every vehicle, facilitating upselling opportunities. By providing alignment services alongside tire changes and other maintenance tasks, your shop can achieve greater profitability and customer satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

We recognize that each automotive service professional has unique needs and budgets. That’s why RANBONE offers a wide range of wheel alignment machines, from high-level, drive-through style models with automatic lift tracking to compact wireless designs for shops with limited floor space. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we continually develop advanced technologies to meet your evolving automotive needs.


RANBONE’s legacy as pioneers in wheel alignment technology remains steadfast. With a focus on accuracy, compactness, and customer satisfaction, our wheel alignment machines empower automotive professionals to excel in their services, enhance revenue generation, and adapt to the demands of modern vehicles. Trust RANBONE for cutting-edge solutions that drive your shop’s success.

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